Ollie Ward - Community Sport Director

Community Sport Director
8 Apr

Te Awamutu Rugby Sports & Recreation Club welcome back Ollie Ward to our team, in the exciting new role of Community Sports Director.The Community Sport Director Role was created to help us improve our connections with our local schools, and now more specifically support the schools with the delivery of ‘Sport, Active Recreation and Play’.

TA Sports are completely funding this role, as we see the value to our community. We acknowledge Grassroots Trust Ltd and the Board of TA Sports for their support and vision.We would also like to acknowledge our local schools for their consistent engagement and supporting this vision for our community and tamariki, without your consent we would not have been able to fulfill our vision. Thank you.

Ollie has spent his whole life here in the area, schooling in Kihikihi, and Te Awamutu. Ollie already has many connections and strong relationships within the community. He has worked at locals schools, in the past, is keen on all sports and recreation, is an advocate for this Club and community, and has a strong passion for youth participation in sport and recreation.Ollie is also one of the Rugby coaches for the 1st XV at Te Awamutu College.Ollie said, ‘Emphasis, is on play and fun”!Whilst this role is in its infancy, we have a vision to increase our community involvement in ‘Sport, Active Recreation and Play’.

Full article is in Thursday 25th February Courier Edition found at the link below.https://www.teawamutu.nz/courier/archive/2021/2021-02-25.pdf